Note Training base shall be of the regular UBCS at the moment Recruiting new Agents and reserve Agents is very picky you have to be have certain skills and qualifications, clean records (IE no betrayals, or other crimes against UBCS), be able to take intense interrogation even to the point of death of you or others, be a smart thinker, sabotage, demolition, No Lazyness, First Aid, Charismatic hacking, Computers, have no remorse, bomb disposal, explosives planting, solo missions, obeying commands, Not the cause of any mission failure served in the UBCS for at least 6 months, have special talent in certain aspects like sniping, planning and executing of missions and you have to ask Stephendwan and wait for his decision or he may ask you to join there is no one else who can do this. As you can very few will make it past the recruitment stage. Make sure to check when you can to see if you have been picked by Stephen Dwan or has been accepted to be a UBCSIA agent. Note training will be done in the regular UBCS training camp for now with special areas for UBCS.

Wanting to be Recruited Edit

Potential Recruits Waiting for Acceptance That Were Choosened By Stephen Dwan. Edit

Accepted Recruits Edit