These facilities are where any of our members can train or test there skills in different environments. Including urban, town, woods, jungle, beach, aquatic, alpine, arctic. There also facilities for training in buildings such as factories, airports, police stations, power plants, and homes. There are three training facilities. Train in these environments that you will encounter when you are on missions. New recruits of both the UBCS and UBCSIIA also train here as well as seasoned veterans. just but recruit, agent or recruit agent at the end of your name so people may know.

Training Facility OneEdit

They offer training in shooting, driving, first aid, survival , interrogation and negotiation practices, stealth practices, and CQC. But the main attraction of the facility is the training course that lets you fight CG enemies and wooden targets.

Training Facility TwoEdit

This facility is identical to the first one but offers difficulty settings as well.

Training Facility ThreeEdit

This facility is the same as the first two but offers training with live enemies and real dangers.