As most of you know, there is nobody on this wikia anymore. Just me, but recently CO-Founder of the U.B.C.S Jessica Redfield came back and her and me (JosephFrost0304) talked about starting a New Wikia, and we are. This will be another roleplaying game,but based on the Silent Hill Series, but our characters will stay the same, since no one is playing, I'm just going to create a story line where we can enter silent hill.

--Story-- Someone blew up the U.B.C.S. headquarters killing everybody, including Jakraus, Bling1907, Cybil24, and everybody. The only 2 that were left alive were JosephFrost0304, and Jessica Redfield, together they got in a truck and drove off until they were safe, later their truck broke down, right on the out skirts of Silent Hill.

Now JosephFrost and Jessica Redfield are stuck in the outskirts of Silent Hill, and now the new game and wikia starts..........