This is basicly the UBCS news paper

  • JosephFrost0304 will write a new on every week


Never mind, he will be in battles.


  • JosephFrost0304 is gonna be in NO MORE battles because of his wounds. But he will be at HQ talking to the soldiers over te head sets. Almost like the guy in HQ in Resident Evil 5.


Main page

  • Scarecrow killer has finally been killed by Axel Scott. That is a good thing, but that means Axel Scott is still out there, more powerful than ever, beacause all Scarecrow's strength go's to Axel.

In lighter news

  • JosephFrost0304 is finally back alive.
  • LT.Dan is dead, Scarecrow killer killed him.


  • Where are all the UBCS members!. The only current ones are JosephFrost0304, Bling1907, StephenDwan, and Jakraus.
  • I'm here, I have an HK21 LMG and a Predator rocket launcher, and I'm ready to kick some zombie ass! S-984 04:01, 24 August 2009 (UTC)

Next Saturday JosephFrost0304 will write againEdit