Listed here are people that will be executed or imprisoned for not following orders. Wantedlist

You will be killed/arrested if you...Edit

  1. Betray your superiors.
  2. Attempt experimentation upon other members.
  3. Intentionally and willingly infected other members.

Upon being arrestedEdit

After being arrested, you are entitled to update your Member page with the reason why you were arrested. You are forbidden to make any other contributions.

After an undetermined amount of time, you may be subjected to virus or parasitic experimentation before you are killed.

Current wanted Edit

  • Forerunner - For editing multiple pages without joining the U.B.C.S. team. Punishments: arrested, kill if refusing, or he sends B.O.W.s at us. Infect him if we want to have fun with him.
  • SPARTAN-118 - Wanted for multiple edits without joining the U.B.C.S. team. Punishment: inject the T-virus into him to make him a Nemesis that we can control.
  • Axel Scott - Wanted for assumedly killing Joseph Frost, the killing of Gangbanger while he was in hospital, the demolition of our HQ, the demolition of 7 hospital, and the attempted murders of Stephen Dwan and Bling1907. Punishment: Well, just chop his head off and throw it into the river. If he wasn't already killed earlier. And the killings of Nighthawk and Goblin6.

Past wanted Edit

  • Wesker's killer, for killing fellow members and betraying us. He got killed by Cybil24.
  • SPARTAN-984. Is not wanted due to the fact that I misjudged him.
  • Scarecrowkiller. Got killed by Axel scott when he was about to turn josephfrost into a demon (odd) but axel scott and him ended up fighting well you can guess which one was most powerfull and which one was useless. If we would of found him we would of overkilled him by using a satelite laser.
  • only one. Got by josephfrost with a rocket. If we would of caught him we would just use a chainsaw and cut his head off