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JosephFrost0304 is the co-creator of the website and Creator of the U.B.C.S.

The JosephFrost0304


Me in street clothes


  • JosephFrost0304 first started on on January 7 2009. He edited mostly on character pages and didn't even know how to chat. But he finally found out on January 13 2009.


  • On March 10 2009 a user named Ltscott asked JosephFrost0304 to play the online role playing called BSAAofRE. On March 15 2009 Joseph started on BSAA Bravo team as their vehicle specialist. He was so good at the game, the first week he got promoted to the special operations team.
  • On April 24 Ltscott stopped playing, there for JosephFrost0304 stopped playing and lost interest in role playing games.

Here I go again on my own

  • On May 17th JosephFrost0304 came back on REwikia just to check his messages. People started chating with him about his army skill and gaming tech. Frost went back to the BSAA just to see how things were holding up. Nothing much else happened. Frost thought to himself, "Man, this is sad".
  • Frost took it upon himself to get the roleplaying back on its feet.


  • On May 28th Frost met Jessica Redfield. Together they created the role playing game called U.B.C.S. It started out as just them, but from there they wanted more members.
  • After that, they met StephenDwan, the third member of the U.B.C.S. From there, the 3 started recruiting members. They got many more members, such as Cybil24, Bling1907 and Jakruas. The game moved on and got better and more members by the day.


Joseph got banned from RE wiki, the worst thing ever! So for 2 days, the UBCS game had to be played on the Silent Hill wiki. How dare the RE wiki bans me. But, JosephFrost0304 and Cybil24 had the best idea: to create a Wikia just for the UBCS!

The name of their new site is YA! Now the UBCS is so popular 120 people visit this website a day! Now they got triple the members they did before the site was made. It turns out, getting banned from REwiki is the best thing for all of us!

Vampire Slayers

On november 1st JosephFrost0304 went on to create thr, But it is still under creation.


Frost thought that was lame and no other wikia i create could top this one.


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