JosephFrost's sideEdit

I run out and kill 3 hunters with my shotgun

What the hell! Bandersnatch!

I pull out my Frost redemmer and shot it and head to a abandon cabin.

"HI" i said as i saw a old lady sitting in a chair. "Do you have a power drill?"

She's a ZOMBIE! I kill her. More are coming. I'm surrounded! Bling, i need back up!

Okay, i'll run to the save house and check for a tool. You look and see a Yawn. Wait 5 yawns, we need back up! But there is no one.

Bling1907 sideEdit

I get a call from JosephFrost.

I fire few flame rounds from my G.Launcher and clear a path.

I run to your location and found you.

I located another safehouse.

Jakraus' sideEdit

I find the sightings of several B.O.W.'s along with you two guys.

I get on my chopper and fly over in your direction.

What?! Another Licker tries to get on my window AGAIN!!!

I opened the window and shot him down.

I turned on the radio and began to contact you guys.