We found out that Axel Scott was the one who really killed, Nighthawk, Goblin6 and Gang Banger. We really don't know how strong phisicly he is. But he uses words to drive people crazy. See-Interagation room. He also uses bombs, he blew up the biggest hospital in New York, killing over 3,800 people. He is by far the biggest villan the UBCS has ever faced. But he once did a favor for the UBCS by killing Gunfreak, a member of the BSAA. He escaped after putting a beating down on Stephendwan. His brother is Scarecrow killer. He ended up killing his brother to gain more power.

First appearinceEdit

  • He smashed a wreaking ball threw the U.B.C.S. HQ the night wesker's killer died. Bling1907 had him in a room the night after he beat up Stephendwan.
  • Height: 6' 11
  • Age: 25 years young
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: dirty blonde


I wear black sun glasses and have long hair down to my shoulders. I also wear leather jacket and drive a harley.