This is a note a found under Axel's bed 2 nights ago. Here's what it said. "My dearest April, I will never bother you. I will always promise to. I will never follow you, I don't have a reason to. I will never say a word again, I will crawl away for good. I will move away from here, you wont be afraid of fear. I always thought it would come to this, thing have never been so swell, until the day I'll come to you. You know your right. You won't come inside, I no longer have to hide, Lets talk about someone else, stinging candles begin to melt. Nothing really bother her, She just wants to love herself. I will move away from here, you won't be afraid of fear. THINGS HAVE NEVER BEEN SO SWELL, I HAVE NEVER FELT SO WELL!!!!!!!!!!. I don't why i lie, to myself and to all of you. We all know the reason you left isn't because of missing dinner. its because I had spencer inject with that thing first, you hated what I have become. Well I no longer have to hide."-Axel Scott